Barzeride Kreutzer is a noble of the Kreutzer House of the Four Great Nobles.


He is tall, thin and has blonde hair.




<Aži Dahāka>Edit

Barzeride's ultramarine Divine Drag-Ride.

Armaments (武装)Edit

  • Halberd (機竜戦斧〈ハルバード〉):
  • Breath Gun (機竜息銃〈ブレスガン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Gun): Long range weapon for barrage shooting.
  • Dagger (機竜爪刃〈ダガー〉 Machine Dragon Claw Blade): Close range and throwing weapons.
  • Wire Tail (竜尾綱線〈ワイヤーテイル〉 Dragon Tail Line Cord): Medium range whip weapon for confinement.

Special Armaments (特殊武装) Edit

  • Devil’s Glow (双頭の顎〈デビルズグロウ〉): Special armaments which are two cannons mounted on both shoulders.

Special Characteristics (特性) Edit

  • Ground Fighting Type (陸戦型)

Divine Raiment (神装)Edit

  • Avestā (千の魔術〈アヴェスタ〉): An ability to steal other Drag-Rides' energy, Armaments, and Divine Raiment through physical contact.



Notes Edit

  • In the anime, they gave Azi Dahaka the ability to fly.