Celistia Ralgris is the eldest daughter of the Ralgris family which is one of the Four Great Nobles, she is also known as the strongest Drag-Knight in the academy and is renowned as a man-hater.

Appearance Edit

She has fair colored skin, brilliant blonde hair that spans to her waist, an ample bust and bottomless jade pupils.

Personality Edit

Celestia is kind and caring, especially towards Lux as she tried any way possible to get him expelled from the academy to keep him safe from the enemy of the New Kingdom. At first, she acted like a man-hater but later on it is revealed it was only a facade. It is implied that she has developed feeling for Lux after a while they first met.

Background Edit

She was born as the first daughter of the Ralgris House. She was taught by Wade Roadbelt.

Abilities Edit

Drag-Ride Edit

Lindworm Edit

Celistia's white and gold Divine Drag-Ride.

Armaments (武装) Edit

  • Dagger (機竜爪刃〈ダガー〉 Machine Dragon Claw Blade): Close range and throwing weapons
  • Breath Gun (機竜息銃〈ブレスガン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Gun): Long range weapon for barrage shooting.

Special Armaments (特殊武装) Edit

  • Lightning Lance (電光穿槍〈ライトニングランス〉):
  • Starlight Zero (星光爆破〈スターライト・ゼロ〉):

Special Characteristics (特性) Edit

  • Flying Type (飛翔型)

Divine Raiment (神装) Edit

  • Divine Gate (支配者の神域〈ディバイン・ゲート〉): Teleportation

Chronology Edit

Volume 1 Edit

She and most of the third-years are at the capital for practice.

Volume 2 Edit

As the other third-years returned to the academy, she stayed behind at the capital to suppress some insurgents.

Volume 3 Edit

She returns to the academy from her stay in the capital.The third volume is centered with her as one of the main characters.


  • She was born on October 3.