Krulcifer Einfolk is the adopted daughter of the Einfolk House.


She has long light-blue hair with a black ribbon on top and has blue eyes.



She was excavated from Yimir's Ruin, The Fourth Ruin: Hole, and was taken in by the Head of the Einfolk House who was investigating it. While growing up, she concluded that she was adopted when she felt distant from her parents, siblings, and the employees. This led her to work very hard in studying, etiquette and as a Drag-Knight in order to be accepted as part of the family.


As a human of the Ruins, she has a connection as a key which allows her access to them. She has exceptionally high aptitude value.

Drag-Ride Edit

Fafnir Edit

Fafnir is Krulcifer's silver Divine Drag-Ride.

Armaments (武装) Edit

  • Blade (機竜牙剣〈ブレード〉 Machine Dragon Fang Sword): Main weapon; sword used for close range combat.
  • Dagger (機竜爪刃〈ダガー〉 Machine Dragon Claw Blade): Close range and throwing weapons.
  • Wire Tail (竜尾綱線〈ワイヤーテイル〉 Dragon Tail Line Cord): Medium range whip weapon for confinement.

Special Armaments (特殊武装) Edit

  • Freezing Cannon (凍息投射〈フリージング・カノン〉): <Fafnir>’s special armament. It basically has the same high efficiency of a sniper rifle, but holds the ability to freeze parts shot.
  • Auto Shield (竜鱗装盾〈オート・シェルド〉): An armament which symbolized solid scales symbolizing the gigantic dragon Fafnir. A defense type armament which automatically protects the main body in response to an enemy’s attack. It is said to be several times harder than an ordinary barrier.

Special Characteristics (特性) Edit

  • Flying Type (飛翔型)

Divine Raiment (神装) Edit

  • Wise Blood (財禍の叡智〈ワイズ・ブラッド〉): The ability of foresight which perceives the future within a radius of a dozen of Mel several seconds ahead.

Special Modes (特殊モード)

  • Full Connect Mode (完全接続モード): A power only the people of the ruins can use. The Drag-Ride becomes the skin of the wielder as they fuse together.


Volume 1Edit

She first appears blocking Lux's way as he tries to escape from the academy.

Volume 2Edit