Lisesharte Atismata is one of the female protagonists of the series and the princess of the New Kingdom of Atismata.


She has long blonde hair and ties it to the left side of her head with a black ribbon. She has crimson eyes. She has the mark of the old Acadia Empire a few centimeter below her navel.

She has a very strong personality and she is full of pride and confidence but not all the time...


She was born as the eldest daughter of Count Atismata.

Sometime before the coup, she was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Empire. When her father did not come for her, her captors made her choose between death or life and becoming an assassin for the Empire. She chose to live and the mark of the Empire was branded on her abdomen by Velvet Barth.

On the day of the coup, she witnesses the Black Hero defeat the Empire's Drag-Knights. That day, she also received the Sword Device of Tiamat.


Drag-Ride Mechanical AptitudeEdit

Lisha has shown potential as a Drag-Ride engineer, creating the first original Drag-Ride «Chimeric Wyvern».



Tiamat is Lisesharte's red Divine Drag-Ride.

Armaments (武装)Edit

  • Cannon (機竜息砲〈キャノン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Cannon): Equipped on the right arm, an armament which envisioned strong flames harking back to a Dragon's breath. A blow with a high temperature and impact, that loads the energy from the Force Core which is the power source and releases it. It held power, enough to easily blow up one building. But, there was the part which required a “charging” until the firing and one could make enough distance for an evasive action; that a defensive stance could be taken was the flaw.
  • Blade (機竜牙剣〈ブレード〉 Machine Dragon Fang Sword): Main weapon; sword used for close range combat.
  • Breath Gun (機竜息銃〈ブレスガン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Gun): Long range weapon for barrage shooting.

Special Armaments (特殊武装) Edit

  • Legion (空挺要塞〈レギオン〉 Airborne Fortress): Tiamat's special armament. They are long-range throwing weapons of small streamlined metals which were controlled and held a propulsive strength themselves. Usually four of them were equipped to the airframe; after launch, the units could freely move, and directly impact damage to the enemy. A maximum of 16 can be deployed.
  • Seven Heads (七つの竜頭〈セブンスヘッズ〉): Tiamat's auxiliary armament, it is a main armament two times bigger than the Breath Gun, connected to <Tiamat>’s right shoulder and right arm. A huge gun barrel with seven muzzles.

Special Characteristics (特性) Edit

  • Flying Type (飛翔型)

Divine Raiment (神装)Edit

Heavenly Voice (天声〈スプレッシャー〉): Gravity control.

Chimeric WyvernEdit

Lisesharte's own original Drag-Ride she made by combining two halves of a Wyvern and a Wyrm. It requires two Sword Devices to control it.

Armaments Edit

  • Breath Gun (機竜息銃〈ブレスガン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Gun): Long range weapon for barrage shooting.


Volume 01Edit

When she was bathing, making sure the mark of the Empire is hidden, the ceiling of the bath collapse. When she went to check, some more fragment fell down towards her and she was pushed down and out of the way by the boy whom fell through earlier.

Volume 02Edit

She plays minor roles in vol 2.