Lux Arcadia Prince of Arcadia Empire. Equipped with Wyvern and the Divine Drag-Ride "Bahamut". Personal Knight of Lisesharte Atismata queen of New Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

He has silver hair and grey eyes, a trait of the Arcadia Empire's imperial family blood. He wears a black collar as a sign of the rivalry from the New Kingdom of Atismata and denoting his new status as the "Handyman Prince".

Personality Edit

He is kindhearted and has a strong sense of justice. However, he is easily flustered when placed in embarrassing situations. As stated by Krulcifer, while Lux usually acts calm and sincere, Lux's true nature is aggressive and destructive which is best shown when he uses Bahamut. Lux also shows no tolerance for injustice and is willing to commit acts himself as a shield to defeating an enemy in order to protect the innocent, further showing his aggressive yet righteous side.

Background Edit

Lux was the seventh Prince of the Arcadia Empire. He often played with his childhood friend Philuffy Aingram. Seven years prior to the story his maternal grandfather Wade Roadbelt stated candid advice for imperial politics which had been suggested by Celistia Ralgris, resulted in him being imprisoned and Lux's family being exiled from the Imperial Court. Sometime after, he and his mother were in a carriage accident. The people of the territory who were bitter about the Empire refused to help and his mother died, this left Lux to take care of his sister Airi alone. At the funeral, Lux met his half-brother Fugil Arcadia who offered his condolences and his assistance to Lux if he wanted to change things. Lux agrees and begins his education to improve himself. During this time he created Drag-Knight's secret arts such as Quick Draw and Recoil Burst.

A year later, about six years before the story, he became the youngest in the Empire to obtain a Drag-Knight license at the age of 12. Being the first in a long while since he was in the Imperial Court, he used the opportunity to declare statements to cancel the reinforcement law of the system of androcracy, the heavy taxation due to military expansion and human experimentation of powerful drugs on poor citizens. Unfortunately, his father the Emperor did not bother to hear him out.

Abilities Edit


  • He has high aptitude with Drag-Rides, higher than the average aptitude of women.
  • He has superhuman kinetic vision and reading.

Techniques Edit

  • Quick Shot: A special move which sees through the enemy’s attack preliminary movement.

Secret Arts Edit

  • Quick Draw (神速制御〈クイックドロウ〉): A mind control operation in addition to the body control operation. A special move that dishes out unseen attacks with just one stroke, in an instant, through a sequence of movements from the perfect overlap of manipulating two differing systems. Lux invented it when he was 12.
  • Recoil Burst (強制超過〈リコイルバースト〉): A secret technique invented by Lux where Lux accumulates the utmost limits of Bahamut's power by restraining an action at full power, thus forcing the collected energy to be released in an ultra-powerful attack. It is initiated by unleashing an ultra-powerful blow, intentionally allowing the Machine Dragon to rampage at the same time. However, if Lux could not perfectly perform the braking of energy flowing from the Force Core, Bahamut’s power would go on a rampage prematurely, and he would expose his surroundings and even his body to the danger of death. Recoil Burst boasts a power dozens of times that of an normal blow released at full power.
  • End Action (永久連環〈エンド・アクション〉):

Drag-Rides Edit

Wyvern Edit

Lux's blue Wyvern is modified to have heavy armor to specialize in defense, lowering its speed. He added on armor as weight training to help him to use Bahamut.

Armaments (武装)Edit

  • Blade (機竜牙剣〈ブレード〉 Machine Dragon Fang Sword): Main weapon; sword used for close range combat.
  • Breath Gun (機竜息銃〈ブレスガン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Gun): Long range weapon for barrage shooting.
  • Dagger (機竜爪刃〈ダガー〉 Machine Dragon Claw Blade): Close range and throwing weapons.
  • Wire Tail (竜尾綱線〈ワイヤーテイル〉 Dragon Tail Line Cord): Medium range whip weapon for confinement.

Bahamut Edit

Bahamut is Lux's jet-black Divine Drag-Ride which originally belonged to his elder half-brother Fugil; the Empire's Strongest Drag-Ride.

Armaments (武装) Edit

  • Dagger (機竜爪刃〈ダガー〉 Machine Dragon Claw Blade): Close range and throwing weapons.

Special Armaments (特殊武装) Edit

  • Chaos Brand (烙印剣〈カオスブランド〉): Main weapon; big black blade for close range combat.
  • Linker Pulse (共鳴波動〈リンカー・パルス〉):

Special Characteristics (特性) Edit

  • Flying Type (飛翔型)

Divine Raiment (神装) Edit

  • Reload on Fire (暴食〈リロード・オン・ファイア〉): A 10-second magic called Compression Strengthening. A Divine Raiment of seal and release or, repression and liberation. An application is an ability which rapidly decelerates the flow of time in the Target to some fraction in the first five seconds, and accelerates it several times in the last five seconds.

Special Modes (特殊モード)

  • Overlimit Mode (制限モードオーバー)

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