Lux Arcadia's relationships with other people.


Airi ArcadiaEdit

Lux's little sister; took care of her when their mother died.

In the present, she is his underclassman in the Royal Knight Academy. Lux gets scolded by her when his sense of justice gets him into trouble and/or makes him overexert himself.

-There are a lot of hints that she sees him more than a brother.

Fugil ArcadiaEdit

Lux's half-brother. Fugil helped Lux in his ambition to try to change the Empire and later a conspirator with Lux's plan to end the Empire with little death.

Fugil gave Lux Bahamut to use against the Empire's 1,200 Drag-Rides. Fugil killed everyone in the imperial court while Lux was preoccupied with fighting the Drag-Rides. Then telling Lux that he had no choice rather than to be killed.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Philuffy AingramEdit

Lux's childhood friend who would often play with him. After his mother died, Philuffy would sneak out of her House to see him. She once helped Lux's family. One day she got lost and Lux looked for her, inadvertently saving Lux from his own hatred when he realized that he didn't want to hate anyone. Lux cares for her and was disturbed to hear that she was taken for human experimentation.She kissed Lux in their childhood.

She had developed feeling for Lux, but she has more like a kuudere personality, whom doesn't show her love.

She is his classmate/dormitory roommate in the Royal Knight Academy in the present.

Relie AingramEdit

Lux's acquaintance from when he was a prince of the Acadia Empire. In the present, she is his principal in the Royal Knight Academy. She likes Lux and often says that she wants him as her brother-in-law.

Lisesharte AtismataEdit

Lux first meets her when he saved her from the collapsing ceiling of the bathhouse, which he fell into from the roof. Unfortunately for him, when he saved her he ended up straddled on top of her naked body, earning her ire. It also did not help that Lux saw the crest of the Old Empire burned on her naked stomach, which Liseharte quickly covers. Lux then blurted out a pick-up line, which he learned from a bar owner during his time as a bar waiter, which flattered her but she still hated him for being still on top of her. She has a tsundere personality. Later, she gives the full story of her history, including the story behind the crest of the Old Empire burned below her stomach and above her bottom parts. It is pretty obvious that she has fallen in love with Lux, and the anime even goes as far as to suggest that she was "fantasizing" about Lux during her bath after their battle and the encounter with the abyss, when in truth, she was probably just touching her crest of the Old Empire.

Overall, she seems to treat him as her plaything while trying to hide the true nature of her feelings towards him, revealing more of her tsundere personality. For example, she asks Lux to become her "exclusive personal assistant." But to show her delicate and vulnerable (love) side with her emotions towards Lux, she does not seem to mind showing "indecency" to Lux. For example, when her, Philuffy, and Tillfur dress as maids in order to please him, she says that she wouldn't mind if Lux asked her to do things that were "indecent," which Lux promptly turns down the offer. She blames this information on Tillfur, but it is prominent that she was comfortable doing it for Lux, and could even be extended to that she wanted to do it.

Although she denies it many times, she is often seen to be very jealous whenever other girls approach Lux. For example, she completely disapproved of Lux's relationship with Philuffy, and was visibly upset she saw through the window Krulcifer making out with Lux.

Krulcifer EinfolkEdit

Krulcifer Einvolk started just to use Lux as a tool to decieve her family thinking that she was going to marry him. But she falls in love with him after Lux helps her in a battle deciding marriage. Lux claims she is his lover during the battle and gets engaged with her. She has also kissed him on two occasions.

Shalice BaltshiftEdit

Lux firsts meets her as he was trying to escape due to the bathhouse incident.

Tillfur LilmitEdit

Lux firsts meets her as he was trying to escape due to the bathhouse incident.

Nothing is certain about her romantic feelings about Lux. They are rather on good terms, but she likes gossiping about Lux. She was part of the maid squad that took care of Lux one day.

Noct LeafletEdit

Lux firsts meets her as he was trying to escape due to the bathhouse incident.

Celistia Ralgris Edit

Lux first meets her when he was on patrol while disguised as a girl. He happened to see her talking to a cat. This was when Lux was disguised as "Luno," a black-haired girl, in order to find a mysterious lurker (revealed in episode 7 as "Hayes") roaming their school (and their training camp in episode 7). Celistia saves Lux from this lurker (prior to their training camp, in episode 6), and Lux saves Celistia back, getting injured in the process. Celistia brings Lux back into her room (oblivious to the fact that he is a boy and not Luno) to patch her up. Celistia quickly warms up to Luno, and asks if they can hang out more.

Later, Celistia complains to Relie Aingram (Philuffy's older sister and principal of the school) that she let a "man" join the school. Lux confronts her on this, slightly indignant, and Celistia challenges him to a mock battle. If Lux loses, he must leave the school.

Celistia meets Luno again at the training camp and asks to go on a date. During the date, Celistia reveals that she is not actually a man-hater (she is just awkward and does not know how men's emotions work), and she especially does not hate Lux because her teacher was Lux's grandfather, Wade Roadbelt. She believes that Lux's grandfather died because of her, so she desires to protect Lux in order to hold up Lux's grandfather's name and to repay her debt to him. That is why she challenged Lux to try to force him to leave: in order to protect him. However, Lux holds well against Celistia, even though she uses a far more superior divine drag-ride than Lux's wyvern. But then, the revived Ragnarok and Celistia's sister interrupts their battle, and on multiple occasions Lux saves Celistia, and shows his true identity to her as the "Black Hero." In the process, he also reveals that he was Luno all along.

After the battle is over, Lux fixes up Celistia with her injuries, and Celistia says that she is both happy and unhappy that Lux saved her, and happy that Lux forgave her for treating him so poorly. But Celistia was very uncomfortable with Lux being Luno, and therefore being exposed to Celistia's embarrassingly vulnerable sides, so she asks him to coach her on handling men more personally. Lux says that Celistia was already "Cute" and had a lot of potential to be appealing, in which Celistia promptly becomes flustered. It may be hinting that Celistia might have developed or will develop romantic feelings for Lux.

Yoruka Kirihime Edit

Due to her loss against Lux, he became her master and seems like she is not annoyed with it. She also tended to act like a pervert around him, like when she snuck up to him while he was bathing, rubbing her bare breasts against his back, making him flustered.

-They are rather on Master/Slave relationship

-She later starts liking Lux.

-He reminds her of her little brother (who is dead)