Velvet Barth is the leader of the villainous Imperial Guards Knight Squadron who try to attack the academy with the Abyss.

Appearance Edit

He has purple hair.

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Abilities Edit

Techniques Edit

Secret Arts Edit

  • Quick Draw (神速制御〈クイックドロウ〉): A mind control operation in addition to the body control operation. A special move that dishes out unseen attacks with just one stroke, in an instant, through a sequence of movements from the perfect overlap of manipulating two differing systems. Lux invented it when he was 12.

Drag-Rides Edit

EX Wyvern Edit

A grey strengthened version of a Wyvern. In the anime it is colored green.

Armaments (武装) Edit

  • Blade (機竜牙剣〈ブレード〉 Machine Dragon Fang Sword): Main weapon; sword used for close range combat.
  • Breath Gun (機竜息銃〈ブレスガン〉 Machine Dragon Breath Gun): Long range weapon for barrage shooting.

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